Ilana Ben-Ari

For Ilana’s TEDxYouth@Montreal Video, click HERE Ilana is an award-winning product designer with over 6 years experience, having worked in Montreal, Toronto, London (UK), and Helsinki. Her designs have been shown and sold internationally, including a chair shaped like a s’more which her grandmother insists was her finest work. At TEDx Concordia 2011, she demonstrated her Connexions Toy — originally designed for visually impaired children to play with their sighted classmates. The toy has now been re-imagined as a tool to develop empathy and creative dialogue, for people of varying ages and abilities. With a breadth of knowledge in design, social innovation and collaboration –and having realized her career as a karaoke DJ had officially peaked– she now runs her own startup, Twenty One Toys. Using toys and play as tools for social change, Ilana is leading the way for learners of all ages to develop the key 21st-century skills: Innovation, Creativity, Empathy, Collaboration and Problem Solving.